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Redmi Note 6 Pro problems and how to fix them easily

Redmi Note 6 Pro problems

Redmi Note 6 Pro problems and how to fix the Performance issues, PUBG gameplay hindered by notch, Poweramp audio routing issue, Bluetooth audio issue, Device lagging after using Insta Stories, Redmi Note 6 Pro MIUI 10 problems, Android Auto issue.

The Redmi Note 6 Pro comes with the Snapdragon 636 coupled with 4GB/6GB RAM. While the Snapdragon 636 is a fairly powerful chipset, it does not change the fact that you might face a few performance issues and lag. Luckily, there are a few things you could do to help keep your Redmi Note 6 Pro snappy and smooth as new.

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Fix Performance issues:

  • Uninstall Third-party Phone Manager apps as third-party phone managing apps bog down the device performance by constantly running in the background.
  • Close apps running in the background as several apps running in the background may lead to slowdowns and lags while using the device.
  • Restart your phone to get rid of the cached data in the system which could build-up if you don’t restart your device often. We recommend restarting your device once a week for the best performance.
  • Uninstall apps which you don’t use and deleting any images or videos which aren’t important to you. Clearing up the device storage and having sufficient free space allows the device to function smoothly and avoid any lag or stutter.

PUBG gameplay hindered by notch

Redmi Note 6 Pro users have been reporting that while playing PUBG part of the game is hidden behind the notch, although the gameplay isn’t completely ruined.

If you too are facing the same issue, then, unfortunately, there isn’t a fix for the issue yet. Xiaomi would have to roll out an update to prevent PUBG from going into full-screen mode to prevent parts of the game from being hidden behind the notch.

Poweramp audio routing issue

After updating to the MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM on the Redmi Note 6 Pro, a user has reported that while listening to music by headphones using the Poweramp application the audio is automatically routed to the speakers instead without removing the headphones.

If you too are bothered by the same issue, then here’s what you can try and do.

  • Clear app cache and data: Clearing app cache and data often fixes most bugs in apps so head over to Settings > Installed Apps > Poweramp > Storage > Clear Cache/Clear Data. 
  • If you’re paired with Bluetooth headphones, then we’d suggest changing the Bluetooth audio codec. To do this, go to Settings > About phone > Tap on MIUI version 7 times repeatedly.
    This would unlock developer options. Now go back to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer options > Find Bluetooth audio codec and change it to aptX or any other codec to see which one works without any issues.

A few users have shared screenshots regarding the bug which pops up when adjusting the volume while casting from the Redmi Note 6 Pro to a Chromecast.

There seems to be an extra volume slider which is a great feature to have except for the fact that the extra volume slider seems to be cut in half with only part of the slider being visible. This seems to be a bug in the UI and unfortunately, there is no quick fix to solve the issue.

Bluetooth audio issue

A Redmi Note 6 Pro user reported that while playing music from the device to a Bluetooth speaker, the audio output is ‘slower’. Rather than playing at a normal speed, the audio is playing at 0.5x speed, however, this seems to be a one-off case and isn’t a common issue.

If you too are facing the same issue by any chance, then here’s what you can try out to help fix the issue.


  • Enable Developer options: Head over to the settings page and tap on About phone > Software information > Tap on ‘build number’ 7 times. 
  • After enabling developer options, go back to the settings menu and scroll to the bottom and tap on Developer options.
  • Find the option for Bluetooth audio codec and then select SBC codec instead of the default AAC codec.
  • You can also try the aptX codec as well or any of the others if the SBC codec does not work too.

Some Bluetooth speakers aren’t compatible with certain audio codecs which is why there may be a few issues while streaming audio to a Bluetooth speaker.

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Device lagging after using Insta Stories

Some users have been claiming that their Redmi Note 6 Pro starts to lag after uploading videos to Instagram Stories. While there is no obvious cause for the problem, here are a few things you could try and do to solve the issue.

Possible solutions: 

  • Clear the app cache and data: 

Go to Settings > Installed Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear App Cache/Clear Data. 

  • Reinstall Instagram: It’s possible there may be a bug within the app itself, hence you could uninstall the application and reinstall it by visiting the Google Play Store and installing Instagram again.

The issue should most probably be fixed by performing any one of the two steps.

Redmi Note 6 Pro MIUI 10 problems:

The MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM has just become available for the Redmi Note 6 Pro and as expected there are a few bugs here and there, however, since it is a beta ROM we are certain that Xiaomi would end up fixing most of the issues if there’s no quick fix available yet.

So let’s take a look at a few problems with MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM on the Redmi Note 6 Pro.

Android Auto issue:

Android Auto is a great feature to have on your phone especially if you drive a car. Unfortunately, a couple of users are unable to use the Android Auto application properly since the application isn’t working in full-screen mode and at times the app completely fails to register touch input although other apps work just fine.

If this is the case on your Redmi Note 6 Pro after installing the MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM, then here are a few things you could try and do to help solve the problem.

Possible solutions: 

  • Clear the cache: Clear the app cache by heading over to Settings > Installed Apps > Android Auto > Storage > Clear Cache. 
  • Clear the data: Go to Settings > Installed Apps > Android Auto > Storage > Clear Data. 
  • If performing both the above steps did not solve the issue, then we’d suggest uninstalling the Android Auto app and reinstalling it from the Play Store.


If none of the steps help fix the issue, then it could be possible that there must be a bug which needs to be fixed by Xiaomi or Google depending on the situation.


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