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How to fund NairaBET account via Pay to an Agent & Bank Deposit

fund NairaBET account

How to fund NairaBET account via Pay to an Agent & Bank Deposit. Are you new to NairaBET? Do you need help on how to fund your betting account? Or better still, do you always have one issue or the other whenever you try to fund your NairaBET account?

This article will show you the different payment methods you can use to deposit funds into your NairaBET account. So, without wasting time, let’s go straight to business.

How to fund NairaBET account via Pay to an Agent & Bank Deposit

Here are 2 really easy ways to fund your NairaBET account.

Pay to an agent (shop)

This is one of the easiest ways you can fund your NairaBET account. It’s as easy as saying 1 2 3 and it’s instant. How do you go about it?

Visit any of our authorized outlets “Agent” near you. If you’re not sure where to find them, you can call NairaBET Customer Care on 070062472238 (0700NAIRABET) to get help.

Once in a NairaBET outlet, give the agent/cashier your NairaBET customer identification number or user ID and the exact amount of money you’d like to fund your NairaBET account with. The agent will fund your account instantly. Your password is not needed. Please do not disclose your account password to anyone.

Simple, right? Let’s show you an even simpler method.

Wondering what your customer ID/user ID is?
Your NairaBET customer ID can be seen around the top right corner of your browser screen once you are logged-in to your NairaBET account.

 Bank deposit

Another way to fund your NairaBet account is by bank deposit. Walk into any one of the underlisted banks and request to fund via ‘paydirect online’:

  • First Bank
  • FCMB
  • UBA
  • Sterling Bank
  • Union Bank
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank
  • Access Bank
  • Fidelity Bank

You’ll be handed a deposit slip that will require you to enter some details of your NairaBET account. You can fill it as follows:

  • Account name: In this space, write NairaBet
  • Account Number: In this space, provide your NairaBET account ID
  • Depositor’s Name: Fill in your name as it is on NairaBet.com
  • Amount: Enter the amount you want credited into your NairaBET account

At the upper part of the deposit slip, please repeat your deposit amount as follows. For:

  • N1,000 – NairaBET Credit N1,000
  • N2,000 – NairaBET Credit N2,000
  • N3,000 – NairaBET Credit N3,000
  • N4,000 – NairaBET Credit N4,000
  • N5,000 – NairaBET Credit N5,000
  • Any other amount – NairaBET Credit Others (For amounts not listed above)

After doing all these, you account will be credited instantly.

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If you’re a customer already, and you’ve tried any of the above-listed funding options, which one do you prefer to use the most? And why? Leave us a comment; we’d like to read from you.


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