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Easy Way To Make Money With Cost Per Acquisition Marketing in 2019 | CPA Marketing for Beginners

Make Money With Cost Per Acquisition Marketing

Easy Way To Make Money With Cost Per Acquisition Marketing | CPA Marketing for Beginners. It’s pretty much the easiest way to make some quick cash online with little to no money to invest.

You don’t have to be a guru to do it, neither do you have to run a site, although if you already have a site, you will do better when it comes to CPA networks’ approval.

To make money with Cost Per Acquisition Marketing, but to you actually know what CPA is all about? It’s also called Pay Per Lead, in short PPL. CPA marketing is quite easier than selling products. Main idea behind CPA affiliate marketing is getting particular action from your traffic. This action can be submitting Email, filling up a form, making download, submitting pin code, submitting mobile number and even getting a sale. People are more likely to get free products rather than spending their earned money.

Thus driving your traffic to a particular task can lead you to money. Generally, you can make $0.50 – $20 per CPA offer. However, there also some high end CPA offers that pay $750 or even more for a particular action by your traffic. Isn’t it sounds amazing? Yah! That’s why I came with this CPA marketing for beginners guide for you.

In order to be approved for an affiliate account, there are a few things that you will have to include in your information.

1. Always Be Honest!

While you have to be as honest as you can be with these ad networks, it is important that you are able to lie a little bit in your application. What do I mean by this? Well, I mean that you are going to have to spruce up your application a bit to make it seem like you are an experienced marketer even when may not be.

You will have to show the ones going over your application that you have what it takes to succeed and to promote their offers in a legitimate fashion.

2. Pick The Right CPA Offer To Promote

Now that you are approved, it is time to pick the right CPA offer to promote. However, I cannot sit here and tell you which is the right offer to promote. The quality of the ad you choose will ultimately depend on the kind of traffic that you drive to it.

With that said, I highly recommend promoting email or zip submits as they are the easiest offers that convert most frequently. However, keep in mind that the quality of the traffic that you drive to these offers will result in how often and how well these offers convert.

3. Drive Traffic To Your Offers

Yes, traffic. This is something that is extremely important in the world of marketing and no it doesn’t matter if you have a great looking website. If you can’t drive high quality and relevant traffic to your offer, you won’t make a cent.

The fastest and cheapest way to drive traffic to your offers will be PPC (Pay-per-click) or using quality content to drive that traffic to your offer.

4. Perfect Your Campaigns and Invest

You will not strike gold your first time around so don’t get bummed out when this happens.

If you don’t make a ton of money right off the bat, still take what you have earned and reinvest it in a new perfected campaign.

Remember, with this you need to test the waters to see what works for you. Once you have done that, keep investing until you are able to turn $25 into $50 without batting an eye.

List of CPA marketing niches:

  • Insurance
  • Housing
  • Jobs
  • Software
  • Mobile Apps
  • Dating
  • Weight loss
  • Gambling
  • Finance
  • Business opportunity
  • Gaming
  • CPA Networks

Owing to the fact that the significant affiliate networks provide some CPA offers, CPA networks specialize in cost-per-action campaigns. There are hundreds of such systems and much more are emerging out every day. Best CPA Networks include:

CPA Networks

Make Money With Cost Per Acquisition Marketing

  1. MaxBounty (recommended for Experts)
  2. Peerfly (recommended for Experts)
  3. Adworkmedia (recommended for All)
  4. CPALead (recommended for beginners)
  5. Adscendmedia
  6. MGCash.com (recommended for beginners)
  7. Clickbooth
  8. CPAWay
  9. Clickdealer
  10. CPAGrip (recommended for beginners)
  11. CPATrend

How To make Money With Cost Per Acquisition Marketing?

Users get paid once a visitor clicks on their CPA affiliate link and completes an action. CPA marketing is one of the best types of affiliate marketing, examples of actions in CPA Marketing include:

Form filling, free trial sign ups, email newsletter signups, contact requests, getting quotes, purchasing an item and many others. Popular CPA Marketing websites include Maxbounty, NeverBlue, C2M, ClickBooth, Hydra, ROI Rocket, Azoogle, etc.


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