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Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2019/2020 Requirement | How to Apply for Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2019

Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2018/2019 Requirement | How to Apply for Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2019

Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2019 – Official notice to all interested candidates who wish to join Zambia Air Force. Do you wish to join 2018 ZAF Recruitment? Not sure where to start, or what you could do?

Explore our guide to the different ways to join or apply for Zambia Air force Police Recruitment 2019 online. ZAF officials invite online application from suitable and qualified candidates. Ready to join? check you meet the basic entry requirement for joining the Zambia Air Force.

Here we will update you on latest underlying criteria for qualification and also the requirement on what Zambia Air Force human resource recommends for interested candidates.

About Zambian Air Force

The Zambian Air Force (ZAF) is the air force of Zambia and the air operations element of the Zambian Defence Force. The Zambia Air Force is being called upon to do more for the country than defend its borders. With no national airline, Zambia’s Air Force serves as the transport of choice for government officials who need to move around the country quickly.

The country has a commitment to international peacekeeping, specifically on the African continent. Zambia has seen a gradual increase in military expenditure but its armed forces continue to be hampered by obsolete and outdated equipment along with maintaining aging weapons systems.

As Zambia is a landlocked nation the country has no navy, however it does have a limited number of patrol boats which ensure security on the country’s rivers. Zambia’s air force also has a limited capacity due to its small size. The country does contribute forces to peacekeeping missions and is an active participant in the Southern African Development Community and African Union.

Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2019 Requirements

  • Must be a Zambian and posses a green national registration card
  • Must have (14) points and below at grade 12 level which should include English, Mathemetics, Science and two other subjects.
  • Should be between eighteen (18) and twenty five (25) years of age and not less than 1.6 metres in height.
    Must be medically, physically and mentally fit
  • Height [173cm or 5.8ft for male and 165 cm or 5.4ft for female]

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How to Apply for Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2019

Check the website below. Currently, recruitment 2019 form is not yet out online, DISREGARD any advert/post you come across. This page will be updated immediately the form is out. or Visit the official recruitment portal and check on the online recruitment or the cert. training to ascertain if the form is out.


Candidates should with copies of their qualifications and National Registration Card (NRC) as well as contact phone numbers.


Check also:


We hope this breakdown of the Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2019 application process is helpful, always check back for more information. For a snappy response, provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question any time.


    • The recruitment will kick off any moment from now, keep in touch with us and get the right at the right time.

    • Thanks for contacting us. We will let you once the application form is published online. Always check back for more information.

  1. would like to join the health services of the zambia air force. whenever there are vacancies please let me know through email or any form of advertisement

  2. Notify me wen to drop the application I really want to join especially in the health category of the Zambia air force .

  3. I would love to join this force,notify me when they commence recruitment, I have the above listed qualification’s

  4. I would love to join the force,kindly notify me when recruitment commences,am a holder of the above qualification’s…. 0975051283

  5. I fit all of the qualifications above and a added qualification in chartered accounts ZICA/CA Zambia
    Hope to hear from you soon

  6. Am a man aged 22yrs of age I have a G12 certificate an wish to join the defense forces Your response will be highly appreciated

  7. I would like to be recruited as well this year! I have all the qualities and qualifications stated above!

  8. please inform me when the management is about to recruit,0972749252 is my number,all qualifications are available,waiting for your right time..


  10. I pursued a diploma i Environmental Health Technologist.am interested to join ZAF update me when to start applying please 0977708698

  11. I would like to join the Air force and i would be so grateful for your consideration.
    Please contact me: 0965-601233,0975639612

  12. May I in the first case give you a vote of thanks and congratulatory remarks about the remarkable and ample time you to publish this blog, kindly update me with up-to-the-minute information when you advertise.

  13. Iam an instrumentalist musician by profession,I play saxophone, Clarinet and flute.

    Apart from music iam a Technician in electronics.

    “I Really want a job in ZAF”
    Kindly Advise.

    Blessings Mundia

  14. 097267958/0966183381 are my lines.
    Its always my interest to join a Zambian Deffence force especially,ZAF.
    Please may I be among the people whom you upades on a zambia Air Force Recruitments.

  15. Hello I have been trying several times to be a soldier particular in zaf, I have all what it takes your consideration will be highly appreciated if you notify me when recruitment starts

  16. please contact me, I would love to join Zambia Airforce. I have vast experience in the field of Information Technology and I would love to speak with you in an interview. contact: +260975137777 / +260954637501

  17. am Kachenjela Humphrey will to work as a civilian at Zambia air Force.i completed school in 2013.i have 14 point in the best six subjects.n a diploma in human nutrition.plz notify me of any job available at the zaf.regards
    my contact:0962452520/0979175494

  18. please notify me when recruitment starts for Zambia army,zaf,zns.
    my contact 0968117495/0954576034 yo response will highly be appreciated.

  19. I want to join Zambia Airforce. Am a teacher by profession i did commerce and accounts can i attach my college certificates besides my nrc and grade 12 when applying?

  20. pleace kindly notify me, am very much interested to join Zambia air force.. my line is 0972-342488..ur consideration will be highly appreciated.

  21. please kindly update me when its time for recruitments..am very much interested to join zambia air force..my line 0972-342488..ur consideration will be highly appreciated.

  22. I would be so happy and appreciative to join the Zambia Air Force. Please don’t leave me out in the updates on the recruitment process.

  23. I’m keen to serve this great nation under the Zambia Air Force. I fufill all the requirements mentioned above. Notify me on any updates, please.


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